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I have been a member of American Karate for almost Thirteen yrs. I live in Grapevine but look forward to driving to the school. I know that I am going to come away a little better than I was when I came in. The quality of teaching is at a high level. That is why people stay. To see young people who started as children grow to earn their Black belt is not only inspiring but gives me as a Black belt a great sense of pride. There is no cutting corners here. You get what you earn. Mr. Gomez has a passion for what he does as all the senior instructors do. It is an honor to be part of American karate. If you are looking for a school for your child, come and check out a class at American Karate. Don’t be surprised if you decide to train yourself. Who knows, you might even earn your Black Belt.
August 14, 2013
Thomas Alston

Improve Quality Of Life

My wife and two kids are currently enrolled and have attended American Karate and Self Defense for just over 2 years. There are to many benefits to list. My children are more discipline, respectful and focused. Mr. Gomez runs this school in a family environment where no one feels out of place and advances at their on pace. Our students and instructors ages range between 4 and 89 years old. My daughter stood up to a couple of boys at her school whom where bullying a friend of hers this past school year. For that I can only give thanks to our head instructor Mr. Gomez. My wife and I have lost weight and continue to stay focused due to the training. A great place to relieve stress that builds through out the daily demands of life. I would highly recommend this Martial Arts school to anyone who wants to improve their quality of life.
August 1, 2012
Albert B.

Karate School For Your Kids

I really recommend this karate school for your kids!!!
July 31, 2012
Cyntia Z.

Excellent Martial Arts School

American Karate and Self Defense is an excellent martial arts school with a family atmosphere. Mr. Gomez trains to very high standards, yet the program welcomes individuals of all skill levels and aptitude. Everyone can progress at their own pace and receive the attention and support they need along the way. Great family atmosphere, a very clean facility, and supportive instructors.
July 28, 2012
Tom S.

Really Good School

“Really good school!!
Mr. Gomez and all the instructors are awsome!!!”
July 26, 2012
Liliana M.

I Highly Recommend This Karate School

I highly recommend this karate school to everyone of all ages. I think this because this school has very good instructors. I have been in this school for 5 years and I am a first degree black belt. I started when I was seven and now I am twelve. I have gained alot of endurance and strength. It is almost impossible not to make friends here in karate. A lot of my friends are from karate. We have a lot of fun here in karate, for example we have “fundamental” games like karate dodgeball and many more. My little 7 year old brother has recently started months ago and he is now a blue belt, and recently my little four year old sister is now a white belt in the little dragons class and they both enjoy as much as I do!
July 25, 2012
Mario M.

The Instruction Is Top-Knotch

The instruction is top-knotch. My son learned discipine, self-control, and gained confidence in himself under the instruction there. He was an average little 5-year old when he started, and now he carries himself like a young man–and he’s 7!
May 30, 2012
A Google User

Angie’S List Grades

Overall: A – Price: A – Quality: A – Professionalism: A – Communication: A – Customer Service: A
April 29, 2012
Angie’s List

My Son Takes Karate Classes At American Karate & Self Defense

They are so welcoming, it is almost like a family. They are so patient with the kids. We will continue to go to American Karate & Self Defense.
April 28, 2012
Brant Durham

Great History

This is a great school with a great history. It’s also the oldest original school in Texas, Same location & lineage since 1967
February 2, 2012
A Google User

A Great Family Oriented Environment

I joined this school as an adult beginning the journey of learning martial arts. As a novice and white belt I was nervous but Ray made me feel right at home. They are patient and help each student grow at an individual level. I see a mix of young and old, fit and unfit walk in to this school and they all enjoy being part of this program. I highly recommend this school for adults and kids, it is a great family oriented environment.
February 24, 2011
A Google User

If You Want Your Child’S Confidence Level To Bloom, Send Him/Her Here

“My two sons have thrived at American Karate and Self Defense. They have more self-control, self-respect, and self-confidence. Mr. and Mrs. Gomez give of their time in and out of class to make sure every student and parent feels welcome and wanted.

Mr. Cmar, one of the instructors, has had a HUGE impact on my son, who was quiet, and unsure of himself. My son would do just about anything the Gomez’s or Mr. Cmar says, because he knows they care and want what’s best for him. He respects them, us, and most of all, himself.

Our family can’t say enough wonderful things about AK&SD. If you are considering starting your child, you can rest assured that whether he/she has behavior problems, confidence problems, or no problems, he/she will get the attention and information he/she needs to be successful at whatever is in his/her future. ”
September 18, 2010

Awesome School

The Gomez family rocks!
May 3, 2010
Tracy Pogue Settimi

Great All Around School

A lot of Karate schools are just money printing factories. This is different. Very clean. Great instructors. Good programs for the kids.
May 3, 2010

Best School In Dallas

best school in dallas
April 11, 2010
Tony Mata

Double Trouble – Karate Kids

A couple months ago I wrote about my son starting karate lessons, and his little sister has decided to take lessons also. So now, I have two karate kids! Jacob graduated from a white belt to a gold belt last week, and Gabriella earned her white belt on Saturday when she completed her first lesson. They both really love the lessons, and my husband and I love the karate school they go to and the principles that they teach along with the martial arts.

FYI – our kids are learning the Tenets of Tae Kwon Do, which are:
• Courtesy – demonstrating respect
• Integrity – keeping your promises (trustworthiness)
• Perseverance – always striving to do your best
• Self Control – controlling what you say and do
• Indomitable Spirit – never, never stop trying

Needless to say, as parents, we love the tenets, and the kids understand what they mean and are able to incorporate them into the bigger picture. If you are thinking about lessons for your kids or for yourself, and you live anywhere near the East Dallas area, I highly recommend Ray’s American Karate on Garland Road.
February 2, 2010

American Karate

When you are at American Karate you feel at home. No matter what your belt level is you are you feel powerful. Mr. and Mrs. Gomez are very friendly. They are always looking for ways to help me improve my karate. American Karate and Self Defense is Awesome!!! Samantha, January 9, 2010
January 10, 2010

An Excellent Karate School

My daughter is 9 years old and has been attending American Karate for 18 months. McKenzie loves going to karate and even loves helping with other classes. Mr. and Mrs. Gomez are great instructors and have the patience of Job! We are very thankful for everything they do, and we feel very lucky to be a part of such a special place! Jennifer, Scott, and McKenzie Maner
December 22, 2009

Great School My Grandchildren

great school my grandchildren love the classes!
December 18, 2009


Ray’s American Karate School has a home like feeling of it’s own. You are treated very welcome the minute you walk through the door. They have a great variety in age of the instructors, which I feel is important to address the range of age groups they teach. Mrs. Gomez is very calm and patient, especially with the 4-6 age group. She takes time out to teach each child individually. Mr. Gomez has a way of talking to the “Little Dragons” that draws out the kids interest. He asks the kids good questions in kid language that gets them thinking. The rest of the instructors are absolutely awesome. This is defintely a karate school that you can stay with throughout your karate years.
December 4, 2009

American Karate Is The Best

My son has been a member of American Karate for 2 months and I have seen great improvement. He’s more confident, active, aspires to more and loves it. I have recently erolled myself and can’t wait for all my hard work to show.
November 24, 2009
Maria Frias

Best Karate School

My son has been a student of American Karate for the past 4 years. Ray and Mary Gomez are fantastic. You can tell instantly that they love the kids and love what they do. You get a fantastic sense of family from everyone at the school. The experience has made a great improvement in my sons ability to stay focused at school as well as at home. If you want a school and instructors that care about your child and will teach them how to deal with everyday situations then this is the school for you!
November 24, 2009
Lisa Hernandez

Respect, Self Discipline, And Courage

My daughter is in the 2nd grade and is 7 years old. She has been attending American Karate for 3 months now and has learned so much. Mr. and Mrs. Gomez not only teach karate, they teach respect for others, self discipline, and the courage to protect yourself. This class has enriched my daughter’s life in ways that I cannot put into words. The main reason I enrolled her in classes was because of balance issues, and her balance has improved, but she has gotten so much more than improved balance from American Karate & Self Defense. My daughter’s self-esteem has improved beyond comprehension due to her success in obtaining her gold belt in this short period of time. Hailey knows that Mr. and Mrs. Gomez would not have given her the stripes that she needed to get her gold belt if she hadn’t exhibit the skills required which helped boost her self-esteem and self-value. My daughter thinks that she can do ANYTHING now and what else could a parent desire for their little girl?
November 24, 2009
Brandie McManus (mother of Hailey McManus)

I Love American Karate

American Karate is a great place for kids and parents. I love this place. Mr. and Mrs. Gomez are awesome teachers. They are very caring of their students. They will work around your schedule. I have been learning karate with American Karate for one year and I do not want to go any where else. The environment is very friendly. I have made a many friends, boosted my self confidence, and my social life is better than what it was before. I am learning many tricks and techniques of self defense. As a girl I need this and my teachers are wonderfully teaching me these. I am always looking forward to going to karate. So,if you get a chance, check American Karate out. You will love it!!!
November 23, 2009
Shannon Mani

Great School

My son is 8 and started at American Karate and Self Defense a few months ago. This most impressive thing I’ve noticed is how the instructors seemlessly go from teaching advanced students, then beginners. Also, they are able to teach the kids that their achievements will be rewarded, but rewards aren’t given just for showing up. The kids have to earn their stripes, yet are handled kindly at the same time. Great place for children to learn.
November 23, 2009
Jeremy Bennett

Little Dragon Loves Karate

Our 3 year old really loves it here, the staff is so professional and caring. I totally recommend American Karate to anyon interested in getting their little ones involved in karate and self-defense.
November 23, 2009
Monica Blacker

Aksd Is A Great Place To Learn Martial Arts

if you’re just starting out, you can go as hard and fast or as slow and soft as you want. you set your own pace and your own goals. the instructors won’t push you too far and won’t let you slack off either. there’s usually a black belt around to give you individual instruction on anything you’re not getting in class. if you’re an accomplished martial artist, this is one of the best schools around. several black belts from other schools come to our school to get training they’re not getting from their own. i started working out at AKSD when i was 36 (without any interest in working out in the past) and now i’m one of the instructors. this place really makes you feel like you’re at home.
November 13, 2009

Karate Schools 101. Where Are The Best Karate Schools In Dfw

I have been teaching Karate in Dallas for over 46 years and I know most of the karate schools in Dallas. I have been asked to make a list of the best Karate Schools in Dallas and in my humble opinion these some of the best, in no particular order. They are all great schools and if you live near any of these schools you will be very happy with the Instructors and the classes… Ray Gomez Ray’s American Karate & Self-Defense is owned and operated by Mr. Ray Gomez 5th Dan and his wife Mary Gomez, also a black belt. Mr. and Mrs. Gomez both trained with the legendary Troy Dorsey who owned and operated this school for many years. Mr. Gomez attributes his success to the example set by Mr. Dorsey. 10918 Garland Rd. Dallas, TX 75218 Phone: 214-327-8585
July 20, 2009
Dallas Martial Arts Examiner – Ted Gambordella

Great Martial Arts School

the school is headed by mr. ray gomez, a 5th degree black belt. he is a very patient teacher. tae kwon do, self defence, stretching and aerobics. highly recommend….
January 31, 2007
Ray B.

Excellent Teaching

I must say, American Karate & Self Defense is the best thing to happen to my son. The school teachs self respect, respect for others as well as goals… I am pride to say that my son is a part of Ray’s American Karate & Self Defense.
January 8, 2007

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